The Adventures of YinYang

by Xena Dragon

As usual YinYang started his day at the Ironwood Inn in Vesper. He got out of bed and left his room. There were not many people at the Inn. Most of them were of good standing. As usual the Yang part of YinYang won the internal struggle and the Nobles were left alone. Near the exit two dishonorable men were engaged in conversation. YinYang strolled toward the door. Without being noticed he browsed thru their belongings but he discovered nothing worth taking.

Next stop was the Marsh Hall. A bread and a bottle of ale was all he needed to get the day started. As usual there was a wench of not-so-good standing waiting the table he sat at. As she put down his breakfast in front of him he casually patted her on her behind, while his other hand searched her pockets. It seemed it was becoming easier every day to steal a small amount of money from this dim girl. With a smile he paid his breakfast with her own money.

Now that he was full YinYang proceeded to the Mint of Vesper. From a distance he could see a lot of his comrades already were standing near the doors and corners of the building, carefully watching and taxing passers-by. Unfortunately they already created quite some confusion for people were calling the guards whenever they had the idea a rogue was looking their way. YinYang knew that if he tried to borrow something he most certainly would be captured by the guards of Vesper. And to the guards it did not matter that he only chose the dishonorable as his victims, without questioning they would separate his soul from his body. He decided he would come back at the mint later.

He travelled further north, across the bridge to the mainland, to the Spinning Wheel. Upon entering his eyes immediately fell upon a dastardly fellow. Pretending to be a customer YinYang stepped up to the tailor and inquired what goods he had for sale. To his surprise the tailor had just received a shipment of thread. Knowing the value of thread YinYang purchased all the thread and sat down at the loom to create some bolts of cloth. At the same time he managed to slowly open the backpack of the only other customer in the shop and have a peek inside. Under what must have been more than a hundred skullcaps he saw a pile of 10.000 or more gold pieces. This would be his next victim.

YinYang started the conversation with 'Art thou in the money business also, Milord ?' and a '*wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more*'. The fish took the bait. He introduced himself as DeathSlayer, which seems a funny name for a tailor. Soon they were discussing the different ways to use tailoring as a guaranteed money maker. DeathSlayer mentioned that he was unable to move because of his heavy backpack. Needless to say YingYang had known that the instant he opened DeathSlayers backpack. Trying to scam his victim YinYang offered to help him carry some of his belongings. After a short thinking period DeathSlayer asked if YinYang could do him a favor. If YinYang would be so kind to hold some of DeathSlayers belongings his alter-ego would come to the Spinning Wheel to pick them up. Smelling the money YinYang agreed. DeathSlayer gave YinYang 500 gold pieces and asked him to wait. After a while the body of DeathSlayer disappeared. 'twas a good thing YinYang peeked into the backpack for he knew that he was being tested. Unfortunately for DeathSlayer, YinYang knew how to play this game.

Upon arrival of DeathSlayers alter-ego YinYang promptly handed him the 500 gold pieces and asked if a small payment for his troubles would be too much to ask for. The alter-ego seemingly trusted YinYang now and promised payment of 500 gold pieces if another transfer could be made. Of course YinYang agreed. After yet another period of waiting the body of DeathSlayer suddenly appeared again. YinYang was given 5000 gold pieces and the instructions to stay put. Apparently the burden of DeathSlayer was still too heavy for another 1000 gold pieces soon followed. 'I will be back soon' were the last words YinYang heard from DeathSlayer. And as YinYang had promised himself he went to the Mint of Vesper once again. You could hear him singing some christmas song, the words 'laughing all the way' were bouncing between the houses until they faded away.