Ari's Fall

by Wildboy

            A lone knight sat in the throne room of his castle.  A silent tear running down his face. His gaze went back and forth between the rose and his guild stone.   The still air seemed silent as if showing respect for the saddened knight.  “Where did I go wrong?” the knight said aloud.  “How did I fail her?”



            Wildboy remembers back to the events earlier in the day.  It started out so grand.  He was sitting by his boat, The Sea Gull.  He was preparing the old craft for a day of fishing, while talking to Iron Skull about his adventures in Trinsic. 


            “I ‘m tellin’ ya Iron, ‘twas one of the bloodiest battles ever ye did see.  Warriors were flinging all about.  Sounds of war cries and screams of pain were filling mine ears.  I swear I was lucky I made it out with all my parts working the way they should.”


            “So what happened when you left her parents house?”


            “Oh nothing really, I took her to the theater in Brit then we took a long cruise on the ol’ Gull here.  It was quite fine till a few water bags showed up.  But then again that worked to my advantage.  She was so terrified, that after I dispatched the foul beasties she thanked me in ways you could only imagine.”


            “How’d she thank you?”


“Well she” mumble mumble “all the way back”


            “She what?”


            “I said she hid in the hold all the way back!” Wildboy replied with a bit of anger in his voice.  Iron could not help but to laugh at his old friend. 


            “Well I will let you get to your fishing, oh I see one of you pigeons on its way, maybe someone wants a second voyage on the ol’ gull” Iron said with a smile.


            “I knew I should not have told you that story, I have a feeling I will be hearing about this for awhile” Wildboy said grinning.  The pigeon landed on his forearm and Wildboy gently removed the message and began to read it.  “Hmm, you might be right ol’ friend.  It seems someone wishes to meet me at the shrine of compassion.  This day might not turn out to be a total waste after all,” Wildboy said with a half smile.   “Fare thee well Iron, but I would rather be in the company of a lady then an ol’ rustic such as



            “Fare thee well, ye dog” Iron replied.


            Wildboy recalled to the castle and headed for the rune library on the first floor.  After a bit of rummaging he found the rune to the shrine.  A few words of power later he was standing before the shrine, alone.  He looked around, but there was no one to be seen.  He started to head off the oasis when a female voice behind him bid him greetings.  Wildboy allowed a smile to cross his face as he turned around.  A beautiful woman started to walk from behind the Anka, but it was not the women Wildboy was expecting.


            “Hail Ari, how are…” Wildboy stopped his greeting short after seeing her expression, something was wrong.  He looked closely at her eyes and could see the dampness from recent tears.  Wildboy’s heart fluttered at seeing one of his dearest friends in what appeared to be so much agony.  “Whats wrong Ari?”


            “I have been praying here for the gods to give me answer” Arianca replied.  Her voice cracking as if trying to hold back an emotional burst of tears.


            “What’s the question, maybe I can help find the answer you seek”


            “I am afraid my soul is ripped in two.  I Joined the Sunset Knights in hopes to become a Great Lady of the realm.  But I have not, I have become a common theif.  I feel my darkness in me growing by the day.  I fear I will only bring shame to the guild I care for so much.  There will be another to take my place someday.  As for now, I must do this.”  And with those final words Arianca casted a spell Wildboy has never heard.  Arianca soul split and to and formed into two separate people.  One was Arianca and the other’s name was the Light of Arianca. 


            After handing Wildboy a whispering Rose, Arianca attacked the Light of Arianca.  Wildboy stood there in utter shock and disbelief.  He did not know what he should do.   Arianca unseathed her katanna and begain to swing wildly at Light of Arianca.  Light of Arianca just stared at Arianca with out flinching.  Her expression filled with sadness.  Tears streaked her face as here twin assulted her body.  Then the fatal blow was struck.  Wildboy just watched in horror as the Light of Arianca fell lifeless at his feet. 


             “Ari, what are you doing” Wildboy screamed.


“I am doing what must be done Wild.  There can be only one.  I fear my fight with the darkness is a losing battle.  I must embrace my dark path.   I have decided to leave the guild.”



            “Ari, no.  I can help you…”


“You are my dearest friend and I will never forget you wild. I will always be there for you whenever you need me.  I resign from my guild.”  With a heavy sigh Arianca gave one last sorrowful look at Wildboy then recalled away. 

Wildboy let out a scream of both anguish and pain.  His heart was breaking.  He looked down at the image of compassion as the blood of Light of Arianca flowed over the shrine.  Falling to his knees he vowed to help his fallen comrade.


“I will find you sweet Ari, and help you regain that which you think you lost.  I will not rest till you are, once again, among the Sunset Knights.”


Wildboy set off to the castle he must ask the knights to help find the fallen friend and return her to what is just and good.