The Site List

Here is a list of some interesting Ultima Online related Internet sites. If you wish to contribute to the list, please submit any interesting sites to Wildboy.

Good guys Bad guys Special Organizations
Arx Draconis
House of Aerios
Moonglow Town Council
The Knights of Sosaria
Urban Knights
West Yew University
Yew Town Council
Runic Knights
Bloodrock Clan Orcs
Cult of infernal Necromancy
Order of the Ebon Skull
Stormreaver Orc Clan
The City of Caina
The Handmaidens of Lilith
The Society of Arcane Shadows

Atlantic Confederation Project
Britannia Order of Woodcrafters
Britannian Society of Chefs
Famous Houses of Britannia
Fishing Council of Britannia
The Consensus
The Heralds of the Awakening
The Turbulent Waters
Treasure Hunters of Britannia
Ultima Dragons (UDIC)
United Blacksmiths of Britannia
United Tamers of Britannia

Resources/News Roleplaying Resources Update Information
UO: Official Site
Battle Vortex
Crossroads of Britannia
Markee Dragon
UO Stratics
UO Vault

Darkside of UO
Roleplaying: 101
Sanctum of the Damned
Stratics Forums: White Stag Inn
Tel'Mallen - The Circle Roleplay and Events Scenarios and Content

Karma Locks (01/22/2001)
GGS Times (07/23/2002)
Housing Changes (08/28/2002)


Lady Willow's Garden
Xena Dragon's Ultima Pages
Pacific Rangers Council
Quest Guides