The Sunset Knights

nce upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a noble paladin. White was his horse, sharp his blade, and fearless his heart. Sargon was his name. He spent his life in the Quest for the Power and the Virtue, searching lands and oceans for the Unifying Force of the Universe. Long and perilous was his mission, so he looked for any friends that could help him in his Quest. They should be brave and honest, and ready to devote their life to the Quest for the Power. The Power is the mean for giving order to the land, ruling people and nations, and protecting men from Evil. Acquiring the Power was the first necessary step for the Total Unification of the Virtue.

In the far land of Evereska lived a brave cleric. She knew the nature and the men, the way of healing and harming, making people live or die. Great was her wisdom, brave her heart and deadly her sword. When she joined the paladin she was still young, but she knew that the Power was her destiny. Samantha was her name.

In a lonely ivory tower lived a long talented magician. Sharp was his mind, ready and powerful his spells. He knew the Power and the way to reach it, but his magic alone could never lead him to his ultimate goal. When he saw the knights, he left his tower and joined them. His name was Ethindall.

Years and years have passed. Now the three knights are older and wiser, but most of their path to the Power is still unknown. They live in Britannia now. There they found more friends and foes and perhaps the ultimate goal of their own life. They are now called the Sunset Knights.