Guild Policies

The Virtue

he Virtue is only owned by a restricted number of people in the world. Who knows the Virtue can rule the life of the men, who doesn't know the Virtue lives in perpetual ignorance. The Virtue rules our life. Who knows the Virtue must spread it through the world, so that other people can take advantage of it. Only the correct use of the Virtue and its benefits could lead the men to the Knowledge. Evil forces only lead to ignorance and despair. The Sunset Knights know the Virtue, and their duty is to make all people in the world know, understand and accept the Virtue. This will make our world a better place to live.

A Sunset Knight only lives to know the Virtue and to educate other people to its path. Any obstacle for this ultimate goal will be removed at once. Nothing is more important than the Virtue. The Sunset Knight will be ready to sacrifice the life of any creature which is an obstacle to the path of the Virtue.

The Power

en are imperfect, so they will not simply accept the path of the Virtue. Therefore, the Knights need a different mean for accomplishing their duty. This mean is the Power. Through the Power, the Knights will be able to make the people recognize and accept the Law of the Virtue, and to protect the races from the Evil. The Power is not very easy to acquire, so the Knights will be strong and tenacious. The Knights will spare the life of other creatures, whenever possible, but they will not allow to anyone to interfere with their mission. The Power is their goal, and any obstacle shall be eliminated.

When the power is acquired, the Sunset Knights will spread the words of the Virtue all around the world. Everybody will then be happy and the evil forces will be damned forever.

The Symbol

Symbolhe two overlapped rings represent the strength and the role of the Sunset Knights. The upper yellow ring represents the Virtue, while the lower blue ring represents the Power. The Power is the natural base for the strength of the Virtue and the vehicle for distributing the words of the Virtue to the people. If the Power fails, the Virtue fails too. The Sunset Knights, in the center of the rings, must collect the Power and use its force to understand the Virtue. The perfect union between the Virtue and the Power represents the only way to save Britannia from a tragic destiny.

The High Council

he High Council is the heart of the Guild. Its members rule the general guidelines of the other members. The Council represents the unifying core of the whole Guild. The Council members are inspired by the Virtue, of course, so they always represent a source of wisdom, comfort, and support for any members that are in need of help or advice. Of course, the Council does not have any absolute power, since even the Sunset Knights are perfectible and they are not infallible.

The Council simply represents a reference point for all the Knights, a source of suggestion and help. The wisest and bravest among the novices are periodically admitted within the Great Council.

The Headquarters

ince the very beginning, building our headquarters was one of our primary goals in Britannia. We now own a castle not far from Britain on the Atlantic shard, and we are building a tower on Drachenfels.

The headquarters will provide a refuge and a home for all the Sunset Knights. There they will find food, a place to rest, and any kind of equipment they could need. Any Knight shall defend the Guild's Headquarters, possibly at the risk of his own life.

Admission to the Guild

he admission request of a new member is submitted to the judgement of the High Council. Multiple membership is not allowed, unless explicitly authorized by the Council. Members are required not to join any other Guilds after joining the Sunset Knights. Any member wishing to join a different Guild is required to inform the High Council about that. Likewise, admission requests from joiners of other Guilds will be separately evaluated.

Role of the Sunset Knights

ur primary role in Britannia will be fighting for the Power and the Virtue. There are dedicated section of the Guild for specific tasks, however. This includes magical research and healing. A dedicated branch, the Sunset High Guard, has the goal of keeping the order and protecting our homeland. Since we believe that acquiring as much knowledge as possible is a very important task, we will have dedicated members for investigation as well. Any new joiners will be free to choose the role they feel best suited for.

May the Virtue be with you