The Parade

by Undomiel

It all started on the Christamas Eve. A hundred Knights were waiting on the parade.
Everyone was wearing his best full plate suit, with the rank explicit by the feathers on the helm.
The Guildmaster started to walk, and every Knight bows:

- "Thank you Ar-Kane", said to a Knight in full armour, without showing his face.
- "I am pleased to serve you Lady Samantha", said the Knight, opening the helm.

The Guildmaster moves on and stops in front of the next Knight

- "Thank you Billbo"
- "It is an honor to serve you my Lady"

- "Thank you Gryffon"
- "I am at your service my Lady"

The people was watching the parade, in silence, but joy was coming out of their faces!
The children were asking to their parenths:
- "Who is that Knight daddy?"
After the knight opened the helm, he answered,
- "Sir Roland he is"
- "And the Knight in with the orange and green feathers?
- "Sir Argronan he is"

Lady Samantha aproached and stoped in front of me.
- "Thank you Undomiel"
- "My life will serve thee"

and Lady Samantha moves...

After the parade, the party starts at the castle. All knights were eating the best food and drinking the best wines.
Fireworks, music, dancing by the light of the moon and untill the sun started raising.

It's time to leave you my friends, and one by one started leaving, pleased with the company of their fellows.
I started my long walk home, illuminated by the morning light, that allways hurt my eyes.
Across an hill I see a hunter beeing atacked by a two head giant, begging for help.
I started running and crying "Kal Vas Flam" to the horrible beast as it took some roots out of my small pouch!
The creature burned in horrible flames, and ran in panic. "You shall not hurt anybody anymore, Corp Por"
- "I thank thee", the hunter bows:
- "Be carefull my friend, a strange world we live in"

And Felicia, my trusted horse started again the way home

-" ... thee name my kind Sir?", I heard as I walk very far.
I move on my way home, hopping the arrive home soon, as I see the small river that passes near my place.
" The fresh water of the moring", and I decided to take a small bath, withtout taking off the plate legs.
As I wash my face I see in the water mirror someone aproaching my belongings. I continue washing my face, as anything was happened, but I took my dagged out gently. I see him started aproaching me for the back, very slowly, with something on his hand. I suddenly move and I put my dagger close to his trouth! It was the hunter!
- "You are a Lady" he said blushing, and he closes his eyes.
"Forgive my action"
- "You shall be forgiven" as I keep the dagger back to it's place.
"You are lucky I stoped in time!"
- "I am looking for hunt near this river"
- "I didn't see any. And I live very near this place. Now that you tell me, I have never seen any hunt here!"
As I finish my sentence, I fell a cold steel slashing my arm. The hunter I saved the life was attacking me!
I try to grab to hunter and I knock him down, uncouncious, as I fell confused and in pain!

I awake at home, sweting but beeing gratefull it was just a dream. I look at my arm still expecting to see a wound, as I fell more safe when I see none.
I sit on the side of the bed, but when I get up, I fell a great pain in the arm.
Be carefull my friends, a strange world we live in