Old Times

by Arogorn

Arogorn took another drink of his ale as he listened to the manacross the table.
"You SK call Cove your home aye?" asked the man
"This is so" replied Arogorn half concentrating on the man half on his nice warm delicious ale
"Well there is a guild of Murderers who say it is theirs and demand pay ment of all who enter and freely pillage the countryside around it."
"You Sunset Knights preach of honor and protecting the weak, but bloodshed and thievery happen right outside your gates." Arogorn's full attention was now on the man "I assure you this is the first any knight has heard of this" "But tell me sir what are thier colors?"
"And do you know their name?"
"They wore yellow robes and black cape, they was dressed in chainmail 'n carried rather large axes.... Halbreds i think ya call them" "I didn't catch a name though...." He answered
Arogorn thanked the man and tossed him a few coins to pay for his drinks then left the inn and stood outside contemplating this. Knights had spoken of black and yellow garbed men assulting guild miners, he would have to seek out sargon he turned towards the smith.
Arogorn remembered his last trip into the smithy and removed his armor and shirt, he disliked heat very much, he then opened the door and entered. He was immediatly covered in sweat as he made his way to the back of the shop where the kind smith had opened some of the forges up to the public. Arogorn looked around the room till he found Sargon, which was not a difficult task since all the SK wore the colors where ever they were but it was usually a little more tastefull than blue shoes and yellow underwear only, Arogorn waved Sargon into the back room. Sargon entered and Arogorn opened a window to relive some of the stiffling heat.
"Come now Arogorn you are ruining the atmosphere" Sargon said though a smile
Arogorn couldn't help himself "I think the oppurtunitie for ruining the atmosphere was lost when you decided it was too hot for pants...."
"Ah well... ummm.... whats this about anyways I haven't had any ore in so i can't make you anything or repair your wepons I am afraid" Sargon said as he saw a way out of the earlier discussion.
"Well it is sort of about your miners, it seems their escorts have come under attack consistently by a guild dressed in a yellow robe and black cape. I just finished talking to a man who said a guild dressed in these same colors has claimed our home for themselves and are wreaking havoc in the surronding area."
Sargon thought for a few minutes then replied "We have dealt with bands of brigands before these men you speak of should be easy enough to make depart. Take 3 knights with you and see what this is all about, the 4 of you should be enough to... persuade them to leave."
"I think me and Octal should be enough, no use in bothering any other knights" Arogorn said with a smile "Whatever just let me get back to my work.." with that Sargon left through the door and Arogorn went through the open window... he really did hate the heat......