The Oath of the Sunset Knights

Every Sunset Knight, upon joining the guild, has to pronounce his oath in front of the High Council. This happens in our castle, in front of the guildstone. Read this oath well, traveler, if you wish to join the Sunset Knights, for every member is bound by this code of honor.

The Oath

By touching this stone I give my name to the Sunset Knights and I accept to be bound by their Code of Honor and their laws.

I will uphold the Virtue and the Power. May my sword destroy evil and defend the truth for the years to come, and fight for the unique goal of re-establishing the order in Britannia.

I swear not to exploit any bugs or cheats to gain any advantage over other players. May my reputation always come from valiant bravery and honest roleplaying.

I swear my exclusive loyalty to the Sunset Knights and their Guildmaster. I swear to defend their honor against any danger, defend their friends and fight against their enemies.

Sunset Knight now, and forever in my heart. May my loyalty be proof of my words for the times to come.