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Thank you for considering joining our guild. Only the Virtue (or a Virtuous link) could lead a traveler to this page. Therefore, we cannot doubt You own the Virtue. Before asking to join our guild, read carefully what follows:

If you consider yourself worthy of following the path for the Virtue, please fill in the following form.

All data are optional, so feel free to fill in just what you wish, except for the fields indicated as "required" (country, email address, and character name), which are strictly required to process your request. Please know that your email address will be never visible on this site. This is to allow the Guildmaster to communicate between the Knights. No other personal data will be ever divulged in any way.

The Sunset Knights are only playing on Atlantic. Our Drachenfels section has discontinued. You'll be required to log on to the Atlantic shard in order to adventure with the rest of the guild.

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