Game guidelines for the perfect Knight

Have a look at this page. Some of the most common rules for having a nice time playing UO are depicted here. Please stop by even if you are an experienced UO player. Some issues may not be that common, and some suggestions may be helpful for anybody. If you have some knowledge that could be useful to complete and enhance this page, please email Wildboy. Thank you.

Building a well developed character

Building a good character for Ultima Online is not a very hard task, but some simple guidelines may be helpful to reduce development time.

Developing skills

Many skills allow to earn money quickly and easily, but some of them are more profitable than others. Here's a short description of the ones that provided the best revenues so far:

Don't forget that skills may be trained. Find a good trainer and say: "train " ("Train magery", for example). He will tell you the required amount of money. Nobody can train a character above half of his own skill, so you won't be able to go over 50 this way. NPC's will normally train you up to 30-35. To get trained just hand the trainer the cash he required. Have it ready and give it immediately, otherwise you will lose it all. Eventually repeat the question when you have the exact amount ready. Training a new skill usually requires about 300 gp, depending on your starting skill level.


PKillers are just part of the game. They are little more than annoying, if you try to avoid them and keep a convenient amount of backup stuff in the bank. Never forget that they will always be very powerful, since developing stats and skills is easier for evil people. No pkiller will ever attack you with ordinary melee weapons, they will just cast spells or use ranged weapons like bows and crossbows. Pkillers usually cast spells like Feeblemind, Paralyze, or Mana Drain first, then they will attack you with with weapons and/or offensive spells. Always have a recall rune ready. Don't forget that spells can be put directly on your screen, dragging them out of the spellbook, for easier casting. You can also assign common spells to macros. Don't be afraid of pkillers if you travel with many people. A small number of fighters can easily take a powerful mage or a GM warrior.

Use the Allnames macro. This will show the names of all of people being on your screen. Murderers will show in red. Never trust gray people, but think twice before attacking them with no reason. If you get attacked by a group of pkillers focus the attacks of your all group on one of them first, then move to a different target.


Britannia is the country of thieves. You will always find somebody, close to the best known banks, ready to have a peek in your backpack and steal your hardly-earned money, or reagents. Never keep valuable items directly in your backpack, but put them in deeply nested bags. Drag something large over your valuable bags. "Newbie items" are the best, because they can't be stolen. If you are a spellcaster, you can magically lock a lockable chest in your backpack, and put your valuable items in it. Open it before casting the spell, and you'll still be able to access its contents. Be careful not to accidentally close it, however, or you'll need some time to open it again.

Always put some dummy items directly in your backpack, like a dummy rune, an useless key, or a few gold coins. These will draw thief's attention at the beginning, and you'll have more time to attack back, or try to run.


Woods and dungeons may be very hard. Respawn is quick now, and dealing with pkillers and/or a large number of tough monsters can be very hard, even for the most experienced warrior or mage. Always try to walk in small groups, having at least a good mage able to cast healing and protection spells, and a good fighter. Set the NotorietyQuery option in the option screen in order to avoid to accidentally hit good people and get flagged as criminals.

Always be very careful before trusting unknown people. Even good characters may just be waiting for you to get killed by some monster to get your stuff without suffering any penalty.


Always be very careful when traveling to or from one of our houses. Use a recall spell to get there, and possibly have another Knight recalling there first before bringing the key. Never travel with your key on yourself if you don't need it. Even the most powerful character may be killed due to a bug, a client crash, or heavy lag. Always lock the door when you're in, and never forget to lock the door when leaving. Remember you can simply double click the door, without unlocking it, to gain access.

Remember that opening the front door refreshes the house's decaying status, so go there every now and then, even if you don't need anything from it. refresh can also be done without physically having the key in your backpack. You just need to be owner or a friend of the house, and double click the door from outside. The door won't open, but that will refresh the building.

If for some reason you get attacked within a house you own (or are a friend of), you can use the sentences "I ban thee" or "Remove thyself" to ban or eject the attacker from the house. Be ready to target him after pronouncing them. Macro both to perform easier and faster operation. If for any reason you lose a key of a house, immediately contact the owner to change the front door lock.