Pictures as seen by Xeep 4

Submitted by Xeep

Here i want to thank Zuran in helping me to take this picture. The guy in blue and brown is Zuran, my fellow guildmate. The one in black is none other than me. i wear black when im not on guild business or when i prefer to distinguish myself from others hehe. This is the "Dragon Temple" how that name comes about i dont know, but i believes its on Fire Isle, because there are lava pits around. The message is from the scroll. The pentagram is made of blood from a human sacrifice. Those responsible are the Followers of Armegaddon.

Well, this is the second place Zuran and i went to. A nice waterfall somewhere near the Justice Shrine. There is an island in the center of this lake too. A perfect place to have a picnic hehe.

This is the east side of the waterfall. A short walk up the slope, you can find the "Altar of Faith". Very nice, maybe you like to hold a wedding here? Hope that your guest will be few for this one hehe.