Pictures as seen by Xeep

Taken by Xeep

This is the picture of a dolphin i found near the Inn at Vesper. Lovely, and the dolphin stayed near the shore awhile..allowing me to take this picture before swimming away *smiles*

This is the funeral wake i attended. The man lying in the coffin is the esteemed Sage Humbolt, who died by swallowing the heart of the liches. His action saved all of Britannia and here i pay my respect to him.

This is the picture of a typical Oath Ceremony of the Sunset Knights when a person becomes a full memeber. This Oath is taken in the main hall of our castle. The Ceremony will be conducted by the Guildmaster Sargon or the Stonemaster Samantha. Both are highly respected.

On the Top Right is the wedding ceremony of Caramon Majere and Maya. Here Octal Dragon, the father of Maya gives his beloved daughter to Caramon. Happy wedding Caramon, you are a lucky man! *winks*