The lost city of Wind

tWind1.jpg (8262 bytes)tWind7.jpg (7900 bytes)A lost city has come to new life in Britannia. It is located within a dungeon, in the deepest caves below the mainland, and its name is Wind.

Wind is a very special city. Only experienced mages can gain access to it through one of the teleport areas, otherwise a recall rune is needed. The city itself is out of ordinary: finest decorations, marble floors and strange shop can be found there, much different than anything similar existing in Britannia.

A long path of caves leads to Wind from the outside, but these caves are guarded by many daemons, liches and lesser monsters, so only the best fighters and mages are able to gain their path to the city that way.

tWind3.jpg (9106 bytes)tWind4.jpg (6426 bytes)Others might be able to gain access through portals or recall spells, but the way in is precluded to common people and peasants.

Daemons and other monsters freely wander around in Wind, but they don not harm people as long as they don't venture into the caves.

Wind features one of the best known respawn areas in Britannia. Plenty of small monsters and ordinary pets leave there, so a nice hunting is sure. The area is also protected by Lord British's guards, and people can freely hunt without having to worry for pkillers assaults.

Darkangel was one of the very first Knights making their way to Wind. Special tWind6.jpg (8269 bytes)thanks to him for providing us these nice pictures.