Sailing the seas

tboats.jpg (10271 bytes)Traveling in Britannia is funny. You can walk on foot, ride a horse, or use magic. But sailing away with a boat is still charming, and some Knights still prefer this old mean of transportation, instead of having their own molecules twalrus.jpg (6399 bytes)taken away and composed back in another location by an ugly moongate or a recall spell.

Every boat has a tillerman, who is usually a nice guy, but can be awesome in some very special cases (Gryffon, how I wish I had a nice picture of you, talking with your old drunk tillerman!)

Sailing the seas can be really nice: the northern seas especially offer many encounters that can be fun. Finding a walrus on your way, or even a large group of them, is often easy, and finding a way out is not that easy if they surround your boat.

tcatfish.jpg (5497 bytes)Polar bears are a common encounter too, if you use to sail along the coast of Ice Island. But always remember keep water elemental far away from your boat!

tcatfish2.jpg (7503 bytes)And finally, thanks to Origin, know that cougars can easily walk on water! Just have a look here on the right :)