The capture of Martooo Saul

By Octal Dragon

Martoo Saul, one of the leaders of the Followers of the Armageddon, was captured and brought to justice by a group of valiant heroes that included one of the oldest members of the Sunset Knights, Octal Dragon. He was names Hero of the Realm by Lord British for his unvaluable help to the land of Britannia. Let's hear from his own words about the exciting adventure of the capture.

The capture"I had an exciting evening last night. A friend from SCT contacted me to come to help guard the many (9 I think) chests scattered throughout the land by the notorious FoA. After the captureI took the watch at Valor--there is a crate there belonging to FoA. The plan was to catch one or more of the evil plotters as they came to use their chests."

Martoo Saul in jail"After a few hours of false alarms and close calls, word was sent that Martoo Saul was seen at the wooden guard tower near our Castle. Of course, I had a convenient way to get to the area fast via bank->Castle->teleport. By the time I arrived at the Castle, a group had chased Martoo into his keep. His keep is the very keep next to our Castle! As the posse talked over what to do next at the door of the keep, I ran around the keep hoping to get a look at where he was inside."

Seer Nikademus at SCT"As I came to the east side of the keep, I noticed Martoo running east down the road towards the swamp. He saw me and immediately hid. I spoke to him to try to draw him out of hiding. At this point I was alone, so I alerted others via icq to come to assist. Dayel Stormcrow, Hagbard, The Rainbow King, and others came flying to my aid. A merry and long chase through the swamps ensued and (the swamps now finally poisonous) Dayel (on horseback) and I were the only ones able to keep up with Martoo."

The prison in YewThe ceremony"We cornered Martoo and as planned, Dayel attacked with his mighty axe while I healed and coordinated with the rest of the posse to get them to the location. After some time, Martoo gave up. He was incredibly strong...perhaps 500 or more strength, but could only cast E-bolt which was manageable for us."

Also read the reports of this adventure written by the other members of the group, Dayel Stormcrow and Hagbard.