Life in the dungeons

Life in dungeons is hard, but still one of the most important components of our life. The very worst of Britannia is there, and there the Knights tdeamon2.jpg (5576 bytes)fight to walk through their path to the Virtue. Deadly monsters, traps, and pkillers are the least you can expect to find there, so don't adventure in dungeons until you are ready to face all of that. Here's Arogorn, with Torm, just after killing a daemon (not an easy task!).

tIceIsland.jpg (5179 bytes)After adventuring in Covetous for a little while (where almost all of us have been pkilled at least two or three times), we soon moved to Deceit, where we had many pleasant adventures before that dungeon got infested by pkillers too.

Deceit is located on Ice Island, that is the large white island, always covered by snow and ice, in the upper right corner of the map. There are a dungeon and a Shrine there, but no moongates at all, so death can be a problem there, since it can be hard to find an easy way back to the mainland.

tBeaumeLarry.jpg (4723 bytes)Less experienced players can find life in Deceit hard, especially since monsters got tougher with the latest patches. Here you can see Beaume, fighting (hmmm... should I say fleeing...?) a group of monsters in Deceit.

tFireroom.jpg (6848 bytes)But Deceit features a lot of tougher monsters too. A liche and two fire elementals live on the fourth and deepest level of the dungeon. Some of the best fighters and mages dare to cross their path. Here you see DarkAngel, Larry and me just before opening the door that leads to the fire elementals area.

Fight was hard when they came out the door, and we don't have any additional screenshot of that, but we all could make our way out of Deceit, with a great profit in treasures and skill gain.

tKnInShame.jpg (6630 bytes)When life in Deceit became too hard to due the continuous pkiller presence there, most of us moved to Shame, which soon proved to be a much better hunting spot.

Shame is located just south of the city of Yew and is slightly larger than Deceit. It features 4 levels, many teleport tShameGroup.jpg (5418 bytes)gates, and a few really hard puzzles. Liches, gazers, earth and water elementals are there, along with orc mages and lesser monsters, which make Shame a really hard task even for the most experienced players. Pkillers are there too, so it's a really good place to test your skills and enjoy some hours of hard fight.

We testes some other dungeons, but Shame is still the best one for us. Sometimes it happens to meet even some summoned daemons: summoning appears to be a nice habitude for pkillers, who often use them to chase their victims. Here's a group tdemon1.jpg (5435 bytes)of us in Shame, just after killing a couple of summoned daemons. Was it hard?... YES!

Apart from dungeons, there are many small caves in Britannia. They are very short openings in the mountains, and most of them are usually empty, but sometimes they can give some amazing surprises.

tOctalWithGargoyles.jpg (4565 bytes)Here's a small cave, in the Northern lands of Britannia, very close to Wrong, that is now usually empty, but used to be full of gargoyles during beta. Here is Octal Dragon inside the cave. The rests of another Knight are there.

These two images come from beta actually, but they are still cool to see now. Octal went into the cave to rescue Arogorn's belonging after he was killed by some gargoyles. Did Octal make it out from the cave alive? Well, he never told me, but I bet the best answer tOctalDead.jpg (7806 bytes)is here on the right :)