Latest Quest News

13th July 2003

It was a chilly morning. I wasn't sure if it was from the morning air or from the tension of knowing what was required to be done this day. I sent out missives to all knights and received two responses. Lord Mordechai and Lord Serrick were to join me on my mission to shame. The met up with me at the Training Center and we traveled to Moonglow to see Marcus. He informed me that he wasn't sure what we were to find only that the Chaos Magi would have it.

We quickly left for Shame.Upon arriving we were immediately assaulted. We searched the Magi's east tower first with no luck.We moved quickly to the west tower. Valiantly my knights dispatchedthe magi with no trouble. There we found a red chest. Inside the chest containedsome armor, a broken rune, gems, gold, various otheritems, and a map. We took it to Marcus and he was most pleased with our find. He stated that the map was to the location of where the body of the king was buried and and that the rune was half of one that would take us to the king's spirit. He explained that we needed to find the body of the king and the other half of this rune. Marcus told us to seek out the map reader who hung around the Jehlom docks. He would be able to help us get to the location that the mapped was displaying.


The three of us quickly made our way to Jehlom. Searching the docks for a man whose name we did not know to read to use the unusual writing on a map we did not understand. After a good hour of searching we stumbled on a grumbling fisherman that seemed to like his ale. His name was, oddly enough, Compass. Compass quickly agreed to read us the map should we provide ale for him. I sent Mord and Serrick to Trinisic to get the ale. There is no better ale made then that made by paladin's. Compass quickly swallowed the bottle. After a few hiccups and a lot of reminding he finally read the map. He tried to explain the intricate writings but they were hard enough to understand in common let alone drunken common. Compass quickly offered to take us there, hesitantly we accepted. Magic and ale tend not to mix as I had learned one day in my youth. Fortunately for us we made it without any problems. We asked Compass if he could dig where the map marked. Grumbling he accepted, as soon as the blade of his shovel touched the earth all hell broke loose. Daemon, poison elementals, and blood elementals quickly appeared. A battle like no otherensued and each knight ran off in their own directions to get better vantage over the beasts. I ran south, while Serrick ran north east and Mordechai west. I summoned my pet dragon Ruffneck to stop the swells of beasts coming at us. Unfortunately Ruffneck fell wounded quickly at the hands of a poison elemental. I let loose Courage my pet Mare for only to watch him to fall in the matter of moments. The sounds of magic's and the clanging of weaponry filled the air. Minutes passed by the with the pace of hours. Finally the battle finished and mixed in with the blood and carnage of both us and the creatures lay a set of bones we did not recognize as either friend nor foe. We were positive it was what we were sent to find. Mordechai, Serrick, and myself gathered our composure and healed what wounds that could be returned to Marcus' to see if what we found was our goal.

Upon arriving at Marcus' place he was shocked with horror at our appearances, which were a lot better then before we applied healing to ourselves. He was thankful that we were okay and overwhelmed with joy at our discovery. "The bones!!!" he exclaimed as I laid them on his desk. I knew then that our mission was successful, and with great pain let a smile cross my lips. Marcus examined the bones with the skill of a surgeon and the eye of an investigator. He found, wedged between the rib cage and a Viking blade that was warm to the touch, the second half to the rune. He snapped the two pieces together to form one rune. Marcus explained that the rune will lead us to the mortal grave site of the fallen king and that if legend is true his spirit should still lay restlessly. He continued to relay that we needed to reunite the spirit and the bones of his mortal body to revive the king. With his revival the end of the Chaos lord will be emanate. I told Marcus that a few days of rest is needed and that we would return and travel to the location of the rune with the bones and the body in tow. Our next mission is to find the spirit of the fallen King of Justice where ever that may be and revive him.

29th June 2003

I awoke today to find Lady Deja' and her son Peter playing in the courtyard. They seemed well enough to travel. I sent out messages to the knights hoping to have enough knights to ward off any trouble. Unfortunately no one was about. Making a quick decision I decided it was best to get Lady Deja' and her son reunited with her family. She stated that she had family located in vesper, and that her brother would have fled to a tavern in the city. We traveled to a moongate which we then entered and traveled to Minoc. From there we traveled to vesper by foot.

Upon arriving at Vesper Lady Deja led me to a tavern called "The Marsh Hall." It was the place her brother liked to frequent. Lady Deja's face became full of concern when she noticed her brother was not about. We asked a patron of the tavern if mayhaps he hast seen any signs of her brother or his unit. The patron, Sturm Longspede, informed us that he has not seen any sign of the Cove Regiment in the tavern as of late. Upon hearing this Lady Deja' and her son Peter decided that would travel to her aunt who lived in the city. I bid them farewell, promising to find her brother. After she departed the tavern I continued my conversation with Sturm. He further explained that he was a member of the Royal Guard as well, Trinsic Regiment. He said that the Cove Regiment was off dealing with new terror to the west. With a snide remark he informed me that is was reported as some kind of Chaos Lord though he assumed it was upstarts or something and a problem that could be easily dealt with. It seems that humility is a virtue lacking in most of the Royal Guard of Britain which rather disturbs me. I asked him more about this Chaos Lord rumor and he said I needed to talk to the "Wiz" who could be found in Moonglow near the telescope. The name of the "Wiz," which stood for wizard I am assuming, was Marko or Marcus he couldn't remember. I thanked him for the information and the ale he bought me and left for Moonglow.

After arriving at Moonglow I traveled west to the telescope. Just south of the telescope I found the wizard's small cottage. I knocked on the door of the cottage with no answer though I heard rummaging coming from inside the house. I knocked again a little harder and this strange and what seemed to be paranoid man answered the door. He hurried me inside stating he didn't want them to see him. I was beginning to doubt the stability of this man's mind. I told him I was looking for information on the Chaos Lord. He began to tremble and became immediately suspicious inquiring who sent me. I informed him of the whole situation with the Cove Regiment. He began to tell of a tale of a battle that took place many years ago between Chaos and Virtue. He said the Chaos Lord and the King of Justice met in an epic battle where both men were slain. I asked the name of this king, for I have never heard of him. He paused as if the question itself was of the utmost stupidity. He said his name was Justus which is why he was called the King of Justice. Marcus continued he tale telling me of how after the battle, in order to stop the king from being resurrected the chaotic magi that served the Chaos Lord stole the king's body and hid it. He informed me that they are from the Dungeon Shame. Upon hearing the name Shame I knew exactly where I needed to go. There is a ruined building buried deep in the bowels of shame where evil magi like to gather. Marcus felt that the King of Justice once resurrected would be the only one able to stop the Chaos Lord. He offered that if I found anything located in the dungeon that needed to be verified or identified to bring it back to him and he would be more then happy to help. I thanked him and told him I would definitely be returning with whatever information that could be dug up from this dreaded dungeon after I have assembled my knights for the journey.

7th June 2003


During the night patrol a uniformed figure arrived at the castle gates. He wore the uniform of the Britain Royal Guard, Cove Regiment. The last words of this fallen man was "They could not be felled." I sent out missives to all knights that were currently about. Argrona, Mordechai, and Silent Death joined me as I traveled to Cove. When we arrived in Cove we sought out any guards. Sky and James of the order led us to their captain. I informed him of the news of their fallen comrade. The captain, Dr. Who, checked with his patrol reports and found that one did return a man short. He seemed unaware before hand that a man was missing. The body of the dead soldier was kept at the Training Center (TC). The captain wished the body returned for identification to be sure it was their man.


I sent Mordechai and Silent to retrieve the body. While waiting for the men to return Captain Who had us escorted to the inn so we may relax from our journey. Small talk kept the time while waiting for Mord and Silent. When they returned the body was instantly identified as one of their guards named Arogorn. The captain initially thought it was the work of outlaws that have been harassing them for the past couple months. But the last words of the fallen guard bothered the captain. The outlaws they faced were easily dispatched. Which counteracted the guards last words. The captain assured me he would question the men on patrol with Arogorn that night as well as send me a report on the autopsy of the body. I am concerned with the efficacy of the Cove Regiment and keeping all possible options open till we know more.