Latest Guild News

9 Mar 2003 - Artorus Rex's Oath was our biggest news today. After the oath a meeting was held. The following are a list 
of topics that were discussed:

	Topic 1 - Guild donations:
		1) Guild donations will now be manditory for all members.
		2) A minimum of 1000 gold a month will be donated for guild funds.
		3) Guild funds will help those who cannot afford to redesign their house a chance to do so.
	Topic 2 - High Council Elections:
		1) Mordechai and Iron Skull have been elected council members by those who attened the meeting.
		2) Council duties will be handed out by the Guildmaster.
		3) Current duty for High Council is event coordination.
		4) Verification of council elections will be discussed with members not present for the meeting.
	Topic 3 - Guild Hunts:
		1) High Council will plan and coordinate guild hunts.
		2) A minimum of 2 hunts a month is suggested.  This does not stop members from getting togeter on their
		   own to hunt.
		3) All gold obtained from organized guild hunts will be dontated to the guild.
		4) The gold will be divided equally among the members who attended and counted towards their monthly
		5) All items found will be split among the attending members however they see fit.
	Topic 4 - Guild Quests:
		1) Quests will be attempted in the near future.
		2) Anyone that has ideas for a quest should give it directly to the guildmaster.
		3) Quest suggestions are to be kept secret to not spoil the fun for the group participating.
		4) The goal is to have a quest every to months.  This is just a projected goal and may not be reached depending 
		   on resources and ideas.
	Topic 5 - Guild Meetings:
		1) There will be no scheduled meetings.
		2) Meetings will be called when topics the guild needs to discuss or vote on.
		3) Anyone who has a topic they wish to discuss with the guild can call a meeting.
		4) Meeting date and times must be posted both in IRC and on the Message Board
		5) Discription of what the meeting is about will be on the Message Board